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We offer a FREE SHIPPING option on all our log furniture if you meet two standards. We will deliver your log furniture in our enclosed trailer to your door. We will protect your log furniture with our large cloth blankets so the possibility of crating damage does not occur. Your log furniture is extremely unique because of the personal touch each individual piece receives by the Amish Craftsman. We believe that personal touch should be carried out through the delivery process. If you don't meet the two areas of FREE SHIPPING please know that we are very prideful in how we prepare your one-of-a-kind log furniture choices for delivery outside the FREE SHIPPING option. We prefer to use only reputable companies for deliveries such as UPS and Fedex. In most cases we receive discounts on shipping through them and we pass that discount on to you. We do not profit on delivery!


Shipping outside the FREE delivery option

Due to all of the factors involved in shipping today, from the unique size and shapes of logs, varying weights of woods, the fact that most of our items come assembled and the always rising cost of fuel, it is nearly impossible to have preset shipping costs for every item and every scenario. What we can say is that we do not make a profit on shipping. There are no shipping or handling fees added by us, and in some cases we receive discounts that we will pass on to you. We take the utmost care to package and protect your order to insure the delivery experience is 100 percent satisfactory.

Option 1

Your least expensive choice is to have your order delivered to a place of business or to the nearest shipping terminal. Since most of the items are shipped via freight carrier, the shipping company will call you when your order arrives. At that point you make arrangements with them to pick up your order.

Option 2

The shipping company will call and deliver your order to your home. (most shipping companies may have additional charges depending on if they have to bring it into the home or any other special circumstances please check with them prior to arranging your delivery.)

Option 3

You are always welcome to make your own arrangements and we will gladly supply you with all the necessary specifications you will need to do so.

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For a free shipping quote or any other questions you may have please do not hesitate to call us @ 330.466.4404

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