Welcome to The Amish Log Furniture Store

Thank you for visiting the Amish Log Furniture Store. Your direct link to one of a kind made to order, Amish made log furniture Store. The Amish Log Furniture Store is not just a name. Every piece of log furniture is hand crafted by Ohio's own Amish craftsman. This process is easily misunderstood as hand crafted log furniture is a true art. To make this difficult yet unique process even more tedious the Ohio Amish craftsman builds every piece of log furniture with no electricity! Our logs are transported from the "foot hills" of Montana to the tiny area of Holmes County Ohio. From here the logs are stored indoors where a drying time takes place before each log is hand widdled for hours, using a warm bladed Amish tool called a drawknife. After hours of "peeling" the logs are finally ready for the building process.
The log furniture is built using the primitive yet strong style of mortise and tenon joining. The mortise holes and tenon pegs are done by using the Amish's unique tools that are all ran on air and hydraulics by using small gas engines. After your piece is built the Amish use small hand held sanding tools to ensure every end is smooth for your stain choice. Your log furniture is individually built upon your order. Every piece is hand peeled, hand built, hand sanded and hand stained by Amish craftsman.
Please know that we are made to order log furniture and if our sizes are not what you want, we will custom build any size you like.